24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring Service

Cornerstone Communications offers a unique way for our customers to maintain their Avaya and Nortel telecom systems. Our 24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring Service provides switch monitoring for customers who wish to self-maintain their telecom system infrastructure with real time notification of service-affecting events. 24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring is a benefit of our Premium Protection, Partnership, Legacy and GSA Maintenance Programs. We also offer this product as a separate and unique service for those customers who require a more a la carte type of telecom maintenance solution.

The 24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring Service, in conjunction with our in-house maintenance support team, gives you the opportunity to efficiently and accurately maintain your Avaya or Nortel equipment. Should any issue arise with your telecom system, an alert will be sent to any alphanumeric pager, cell phone or email address you choose. Your team can take it from there. As always, Cornerstone Communications’ expert team of customer service representatives and technicians are available and ready to assist. 24/7 Secure Watch Monitoring gives you the independence you want with the confidence of Cornerstone’s 24/7 ready-and-waiting support.

For inquiries, please contact one of our service representatives at 888-963-9884 or email info@cornerstonecomm.com